3 In-Cab Camera Options For Trucking Companies To Choose From | M2M In Motion

3 In-Cab Camera Options For Trucking Companies To Choose From

It’s becoming increasingly popular for trucking companies to install cameras in the vehicles. Why, exactly? In-cab cameras can improve the driving experience, protect driver safety, regarding fallacy and potential lawsuits, and boost efficiency of communication, between both driver and dispatcher. Beyond these benefits of in-cab cameras, installation can also lower insurance costs, which is a […]

Joliet Mayor O'Dekirk Gives Rosy Outlook For 2017 | M2M In Motion

Joliet Mayor O’Dekirk Gives Rosy Outlook For 2017

Posted in Joilet Patch on June 30, 2017. Mayor Bob O’Dekirk touted several recent and ongoing business developments across Joliet as part of his mid-year report. By John Ferak (Patch Staff) – Updated June 30, 2017 7:00 am ET JOLIET, IL – Mayor Bob O’Dekirk wants people to realize that Joliet remains front and center for a number of […]

How To Pick Your ELD Solution

As a result of the ELD Mandate, which will go into effect December 2017, trucking companies will have to comply with ELD solutions and any necessary installations. But here’s the good news: There are several benefits of ELD solutions—so, you’ll likely find your company’s efficiency and drivers’ performance to improve over time. And even better […]