GPS Solutions for the Transportation Industry

M2M in Motion’s precision tracking solution for transportation helps companies go the extra mile. Your organization can effectively manage your trucks and/or trailers to easily increase billable miles and reduce fuel, maintenance, and other operating costs. Just watch as your mobile transportation company’s overall safety and productivity improves through the M2M in Motion’s real-time data and accurate asset location and status.

  • Historical and Real Time Tracking

    With our GPS solution, not only are you able to track your valuable assets in real-time, but you can also view a complete history of all tracking sessions recorded over time. This way, you can see important trends, track long-term driver performance, and more.

  • Complete Report Suite

    With the robust reporting framework of our GPS Backend, you can easily access a wealth of data that will streamline your operations and gather critical information on driver safety, vehicle utilization, and more.

  • Data Security

    Built into our GPS platform are tough security features that ensure your private fleet/vehicle/asset data is kept secure at all times.

  • Alert and Notification Delivery

    Keep your drivers, employees and/or VIPs safe and secure under your watch. We can send you alerts based on any event calculated by your asset. This can be as simple as a 24 hour check in, or as intricate as a sharp turn of a vehicle.

  • Geofencing Without Limits

    With our trucking fleet mamangement software, you can assign an unlimited number of geofences, which allow you to confine objects to a prescribed geographic region. You’ll be instantly alerted when vehicles enter and/or leave the fenced zone, or when a vehicle or asset is delayed.

  • “Share Track”

    Share a link with your customers that will provide live updates of the position of your trucks and their freight. Eliminate tracking calls and keep your dispatchers engaged in their dedicated responsibilities.