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ELD’s Are Just the Beginning… But you must start Somewhere

As a result of the ELD Mandate, which is less than 100 days away, trucking companies will have to comply with ELD solutions and any necessary installations. But here’s the good news: There are several benefits of ELD solutions—so, you’ll likely find your company’s efficiency and drivers’ performance to improve over time. The ROI is realized when using the technology properly…

The information to follow should open your eyes, answer some questions and ultimately help you better prepare for what is about to come. At the end of this article we would appreciate the opportunity to show you how to pay for your ELD initiative by utilizing additional technologies….

ELD Deployment Timeline Q&A

Contrary to what the popular belief is, you should anticipate that your ELD rollout will not go as planned. There are bottlenecks that will inevitably come up. Here are some things to consider:

How will you roll your trucks back through the terminal to install the necessary equipment?

When your trucks are not on the road you’re losing $$. A clear implementation schedule is crucial.

How much time will each install take?

Plan on 20-30 minutes per truck if your intention is to hide the ECM device from the driver… 30-60 minutes if you install a compliant mounting system.

Who will be overseeing this initiative & what should they do?

  • Nominate ONE person in your organization!
  • Read the ELD Documentation provided.
  • Have WEEKLY calls with internal personnel.

How will I train the Drivers and Internal Staff?

  • Drivers are visual…use video as the go to tool.
  • Run paper log in conjunction with ELD in the beginning. Every time a Duty Status change would be completed on paper, duplicate in ELD.
  • Understand the Regulations and how they are applied within the ELD. Remember, the FINAL RULE solutions are to the second and not by 15 minutes increments.
  • Encourage your drivers when they succeed!
  • Internal staff should read the appropriate documentation on the Admin platform, write out questions and discuss on weekly calls.

Bring Your Own Device & Bluetooth vs. Tethered Q&A 

This section is being debated daily in our world… What configuration best suits your fleet? Whether your company is comprised of Company drivers, Owner Operators & Independent Contractors or a mixture of them all, there is a solution.

What does BYOD mean?

  • Running the ELD on a Smartphone or a Tablet. I caution the use of an ELD on a Smartphone due to the obvious nature of a “phone”…. The voice aspect. This can interfere with necessary data transmission. Tablets are a far better solution to run an ELD. We recommend a DEDICATED Mobile Device for ELD.
  • While it is easier to deploy on a Smartphone, it is much harder to manage. OO’s & IO’s can certainly bring their own device but ask yourself, do you want them talking on the phone while the ELD is running in the background? How will they see their 30 minute break time clock? Loads being dispatched? All things to consider.
  • Tablets give the size and power needed to run the ELD with the flexibility of taking the unit out of the Cab to conduct Pre/Post Trip with the ability to take pictures of defects. They can also be locked down to only access certain applications. Much harder to enforce when running the ELD on someone’s Smartphone.

Bluetooth vs Tethered Connection

  • Bluetooth technology will send the necessary ECM information to the Tablet over the air where as a Tethered connection will transfer data via a cable connected between the 2 devices (ECM/Mobile or Terminal)
  • Both connections WILL work if setup properly!
  • Tethered may limit the use of the device OUTSIDE the cab.
  • There may be options to utilize both technologies!

ELD + Onboard Cameras + Advanced Fleet Management + TMS Integration is the absolute future of the Transportation Industry… By utilizing these additional technologies you will operate more efficiently, safely and cost effective. You can achieve this all in a SINGLE platform that M2M In Motion has created with the carrier in mind. Contact us, we started out just like you!


The M2M In Motion

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